Monday, 24 June 2013

Another lazy Monday

OOooo what's this? Someone called Loren bought me a Ted Baker makeup bag. She sounds like a beautiful and intelligent person to me.....  Guys I'm weak ok! I had gone 2 days without buying anything but on Saturday at work it was like the shopping gods above were trying to punish me by surrounding me with pretty Ted Baker things covered in 50% off tickets. I was doing so well at resisting and as my shift was coming to and end I thought I had won and overcome my shopping addiction. Until I saw the best looking makeup bag i've ever seen. 
Of course I couldn't just leave it there alone. What if a bad person came along and bought it and used it incorrectly, I would feel so guilty for just walking away. So I stepped up and gave the powder blue bag a good home.... well thats how I justify my reasons for buying it.

OK so I think my Monday posts are falling victim to my laziness and the fact I haven't snapped out of weekend mode yet but there is not much I can do about that. I didn't spend this Monday in pajamas though like I did the last so thats a good thing right? Big update by the way my new addiction is TV boxsets. I love me some Teen Drama and I love collecting so put them both together and what do you get? a new addiction! When I wasn't at work this weekend I was watching the first season of One Tree Hill. Yes I know it's like so 8 years ago but good god it is AMAZING! I  finished it this morning and the final episode was a killer, too much drama for me to handle. Can't wait to start the second season tonight. I hope you guys have had a good weekend and are also enjoying a lazy Monday (Don't you think that should totally be a real thing). If you guys can recommend any other TV series, preferabbly over the top American ones for me to watch I would be very grateful because I've got a lot of time to fill this summer.
Half of my collection.
Thank you for reading

Friday, 21 June 2013

Soap and Gory

That’s right it’s a soap and glory review. Before you all start saying I’ve spelt the title wrong let me just tell you I did it on purpose because its punny! I’ve been putting this post off because I know Soap and Glory have a huge following and I’m likely to offend a few die-hard fans. But I have thought about it and not every product is going to work for every person so by throwing my bad experience with the brand out there it mixes the bag up a little.
As you should all know by now marketing really works on me, if its pink, vintage or got a funny name I’ve pretty much bought it. I generally am a fan of the Soap and Glory products but there are three in particular I’ve been disappointed with
Look how pretty they look just sitting there on my bedside table. Oh what an overexcited fool I was when I saw them in Boots. Another thing to know about me is if I see something I want I can’t wait for it. So of course in my pink fluffy mind I thought it was a great idea to buy them straight away. 
Im going to start with what I thought was the worst product. The gunk that came out of this tube really was gory. I use moisturizer every day before I put my foundation on so It’s important to me to have a good one. However I found the “bright here bright now” really did nothing other than dry as a greasy looking topcoat that peeled off throughout the day. It claims to be suitable for all skin types and the alarm bells should have been ringing then. What kind of magical product can work for all skin types?  Just because this product didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it wont for you. You might find it really aluminates your skin…but I highly doubt it. At £12.00 I recommend staying away from this energy balm. 
The fab pore facial peel is a nice product however I found it really did not do much for my skin at all. There were no visible changes after applying. I will use the rest of it up but I would no repurchases this product. I found it just sits on your skin until you wash it off. At £10 there are much better facial masks out there.
Another impulse buy of mine was the Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean Wash-Off Deep Cleansing Milk. I love the scent of  this product and it is very soothing however I did not find it cleansing. You only need 2 pumps and it the way it just melts into your face is nice however I have been using it for a while now and compared to other cleansers I’ve had in the past it really does not live up to them. At £8 you get a lot for your money  and it does smell incredible but  for me personally I wont be buying this again. 

Sorry for all the negativity in this post guys and before you all shoot me down I do love pretty much all other Soap and Glory products. Let me know if you’ve tried anything I have reviewed today and how you got on with it.

Thank you for reading

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Hello Birmingham

Hello beautiful people! I’m sorry to say that my spending ban has been broken…. well I’m not that sorry because it meant I got to go SHOPPING!  A few friends and I ventured out of our town and headed for the city of Birmingham. Unfortunately for us it wasn’t that simple. I still have no idea were it all went pete tong but I guess it boils down to us getting the wrong train. Not only did three (beautiful but not so intelligent) 17/18 year olds get the wrong train it took us a whole 50 minutes to realise. By this time we were motoring through parts of England I’ve never even heard of. To top it all off other passengers had started to catch on to our idiocy and were laughing AT us and not with us… come on everybody climb aboard the laughter train.

We ended up in a place called Tamworth which I’m sure will haunt me for years to come.  I think the picture illustrates well enough how we were feeling so I won’t go into much detail. Whilst I remember I would just like to publically apologies to mine and Sophies (on the left) mums and rest assure next time we will most definitely be hanging on to every word you have to say before one of our “big” days out. 
Our stay in Tamworth was short but not sweet and I don’t believe I will be returning any time soon. We managed to win over a train driver with our charming personalities (I was prepared to turn on the water works) to let us get on a different train that this time was heading for Birmingham. As we waved good bye to Tamworth station I knew instantly I wasn’t going to miss it.
Second time lucky we managed to make it. I was over heating my hair was frizzing but none of this mattered as our little detour had cut into some serious shopping time. If you live in England and have never experienced the beauty of shopping at the Bullring you really have been missing out and all I can say is I feel sorry for you. 
I wasn’t planning on buying much but I can get carried away, which is a bonus for you guys as it means there’s plenty more blog posts on the way. I treated my self to a few things but one of my most important and exciting purchases of the day was the Urban Decay Naked 2 pallet.  I buckled under the pressure and splurged on it but I feel greaaaaat for doing so. Before I sign off I will let you know we managed to get home safe and sound and surprisingly we didn’t take any detours this time. I think it's safe to say we may be staying a little closer to home next time. 
Thank you for reading

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Mad about Barry M

You are all probably confused as to why I have uploaded a picture of my garden the main reason is because its so pretty and I will use any old excuse to get a snap of it and show it off. However if you look closely you might be able to see something beautiful and nail polish shaped hidden away.
I spy with my little eye something beginning with “B” and ending in “arry M”.  That’s right I’m bringing a Barry M haul and review to you today. If you have been following my blog you will know about my embarrassing nail polish addiction, and if you haven’t been following my blog…well im disappointed. (just kidding)

I love how fun the Barry M range is. Now I’m by no means in a position to sit here and tell you whether or not you should buy it, but that’s not going to stop me from saying if you happen to be in Boots or Superdrug one day and you are umming and ahhing over whether to make the purchase the answer will always be YES! Now if you are thinking about giving up reading this post please don’t. Let me paint a (not so pretty) picture in your head. I’m dressed half in pajamas and half in normal clothes I slip on my mums walking boots and line up all my nail polishes in the garden and start taking pictures. It frightens me to even think about what the neighbours must say. If the dedication I have just shown to my blog is not reason enough for you to read on I don’t know what is.
I’m a massive fan of glitter nail polish even if it is a bugger to get off. However I find most brands only bring out sparkly overcoats. If you are like me and have been on the search for the perfect varnish to create glitter ball nails then look no further, Barry M has answered all your prayers. They are by far my favorite and their glitter range is vast.  At £2.99 you really can’t go wrong.  With just two coats you can achieve amazing results that will last all week or if you are like me and do minimal house work you can make them last at least two.
I am also really enjoying the high sheen Gelly effects range. Unfortunately I only own two but they are fantastic. Pigmentation  can not be beaten and they make your nails look great. If I wasn’t on a nail varnish ban I would definitely be buying more of these. The shade “watermelon” is a great vibrant summer colour and like I said before they have a good staying power. This range retails at £3.99 so still very affordable and its always worth looking out for the deals in boots and Superdrug when they are buy one get one half price.
Barry M sometimes bring out limited edition nail polishes too. Which are always worth keeping your eye out for. As you can see there’s one very special limited edition in the background. Unfortunately for you guys she’s not for sale (unless someone makes a good offer)
Well done Barry M you have really won me over. I am still to try their textured range so if any of you guys recommend it let me know and i might turn a blind eye to my spending ban just for one day.
Thank you for reading