Monday, 24 June 2013

Another lazy Monday

OOooo what's this? Someone called Loren bought me a Ted Baker makeup bag. She sounds like a beautiful and intelligent person to me.....  Guys I'm weak ok! I had gone 2 days without buying anything but on Saturday at work it was like the shopping gods above were trying to punish me by surrounding me with pretty Ted Baker things covered in 50% off tickets. I was doing so well at resisting and as my shift was coming to and end I thought I had won and overcome my shopping addiction. Until I saw the best looking makeup bag i've ever seen. 
Of course I couldn't just leave it there alone. What if a bad person came along and bought it and used it incorrectly, I would feel so guilty for just walking away. So I stepped up and gave the powder blue bag a good home.... well thats how I justify my reasons for buying it.

OK so I think my Monday posts are falling victim to my laziness and the fact I haven't snapped out of weekend mode yet but there is not much I can do about that. I didn't spend this Monday in pajamas though like I did the last so thats a good thing right? Big update by the way my new addiction is TV boxsets. I love me some Teen Drama and I love collecting so put them both together and what do you get? a new addiction! When I wasn't at work this weekend I was watching the first season of One Tree Hill. Yes I know it's like so 8 years ago but good god it is AMAZING! I  finished it this morning and the final episode was a killer, too much drama for me to handle. Can't wait to start the second season tonight. I hope you guys have had a good weekend and are also enjoying a lazy Monday (Don't you think that should totally be a real thing). If you guys can recommend any other TV series, preferabbly over the top American ones for me to watch I would be very grateful because I've got a lot of time to fill this summer.
Half of my collection.
Thank you for reading